Fantasy Vegetable Soup

I would imagine, that some of you have already started looking for the ingredients to this soup on the Internet. Keep on looking….

The beauty of Fantasy Cooking is that you never have to worry if your pictures are in focus, or if there is too much salt in your concoction.

Lentils? I see that some of you are faster than I had expected, especially the Canadians. “You can’t fool Canadians, when lentils are in the cupboard“, my old grey-haired mother used to say. She was often telling me anecdotes like that when teaching me how to perform Fantasy Cooking.

I’ve often warned my readers about testing the soup/stew while still hot. Well, this time I didn’t take my own advice which means that my mouth is humming a little tune, “burning, burning, burning…..”

No matter.

If you are still looking for a list of ingredients, I’d suggest you add The kitchen sink as your first. When I was young, there was always some mention of “Everything but the kitchen sink”, but if you need a starting point, then by all means, just do it!

I realize that bouillon is an art in cooking in itself. Hours of cooking things then straining the concentrate until it is just right to add to your next soup. I must admit to not using that type of bouillon in my soups. I usually  add those little foil-covered devils, which are a bit on the salty side, but which tells me not to increase the amount of salt, or else my Fantasy wife might just complain!

It has been simmering for a while now, with the red lentils residing on the bottom of the pot. The potatoes, yes there are potatoes, should be pureed a bit,when the lentils are done cooking, but if necessary the whole soup might just get that treatment as well. My Fantasy Wife doesn’t mind seeing what she eats, buy my realer than real Teenage Children are a bit more picky. Blending the soup hides the really good, healthy ingredients, which I know are there, but they don’t. Just think if they (my Children) started reading my blogs? My wife might do so as well, but she hasn’t yet, or else I might have heard her mention Canadians in passing!

This might be called Canadian Fantasy Vegetable Soup, but that is a long name to remember, especially for us old folks.  If there were enough vowels in the name then it might become a Viral Acronym, which everyone who is anyone would be texting and repeating to their significant others, as soon as this blog is posted. Unfortunately, there aren’t any  vowels,  unless you add a few Fantasy ones, or are really good at reading between the lines?

Anyhow. The soup is about done, and ready to reside alongside the stove top until cooled.

My Fantasy Wife can now take some along to her job tomorrow and the next day, while I am concocting something new to amaze and astound.

Before leaving you, I’ll just let you in on another thing my old grey-haired mother used to tell me, “A watched pot never boils”……but then, we never had watched pots when we were young, just the usual metal ones…..

My old grey-haired mother might just have been in my imagination after all…..