Posted in Life, Prose

A Small Leaf

A small leaf fell

towards the ground, but hesitated


My mind held it, aloft

waiting for a nearby breeze,

to take it away,


I reached out,

but stumbled on a tree root

which made me look up

to the uppermost branch,


The last point of departure, for

the last leaf on its way,

journeying from its mother

with sobs of branches,

and quivering uneasiness

of meeting the great big wide world

away from its loving arms,


A small leaf

has made me wonder, and to wish it well

on its life journey,


Fly away…..



Just an American lost in Denmark. The past few weeks being back in the good old USA. It is like Aliens have taken over my mind, changing it from what I knew to what I know. It might be the heat, or it might be the influence of hearing English 24 hours a day, but whatever the cause, it is only temporary while dealing with this time and space.

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