Memory Lane – Checklist for My Canadian Visitors

I feel the need to review the recent visit of 2 Canadian Girls to Aalborg. They might have missed out on this and that, during their visit, so I thought, I could fill in at least some of the gaps from our time together in Aalborg.

Sightseeing stop number 1 –


Yes it was the Canadians that brought Winter to Denmark. I won’t disclose the exact location of this photo, but some of you might just guess it anyway.

Sightseeing stop number 2 –


No. I was not in Iceland with you! The Norwegian and Iceland Vikings don’t count here, as everyone knows that Denmark owned all of those Countries once upon a time and everything radiated out from here!

Sightseeing stop number 3 –


This was an unscheduled stop. This used to adorn the Limfjord Canal Bridge in Aalborg, but was mysteriously transported by UFOs to its present location.

Sightseeing stop number 4 –


No. We did not travel to Sydney, but this group of buildings was designed by Jørn U. anyway.

Sightseeing stop number 5 –


An attempt to squeeze some much needed Foreign Currency out of our Canadian Guests!

It was not easy, but they were tempted by trinkets and bobbles, just like any other Nationality would fall for.


Sightseeing stop number 6 –



Seems a bit familiar, doesn’t it. Well don’t worry if you don’t remember, because we will be returning here a bit later on!


Sightseeing stop number 7 –


The first attempt at finding your rented flat. If only we knew then, what we knew later on, then we should have gotten out of the car now, and taken our chances! No, the woman in the photo is not afraid of me running her down…I think.


Sightseeing  stop number 8 –


This unnamed highway is leading us away from Aalborg, but after a quick telephone call, you might remember this photo?


Now we are headed back towards Aalborg. I’m not sure if it qualifies as stop number 9, so we will save it for the next one:


Sightseeing stop number 9 –

You see? I said we’d return to the scene of the crime, but now we’ll hurry along to


Sightseeing stop number 10 –

I bet that these images will re-awaken  your memories? Your rented flat, and….well, let us just say that the woman was not pleased at your late arrival! I found the best photo to help jog your memories, and believe you me, I understood her anger in Pure Danish!


Sightseeing stop number 11 –


Here is the road leading us again out of Aalborg. It might look like the previous photo, but that is just what I’d like to call, “The Denmark Effect” – Boring, but Familiar!


Sightseeing stop number 12


Secret location of Notthedane56, and his house of Lentil Chili Madness!


Sightseeing stop number 13


Amazingly similar road somewhere in the vicinity of Aalborg! Never accept any imitations, this is the real thing!


Sightseeing stop number 14


Starting to seem familiar? Not yet? Well, if you drop me a line, I’ll try to give you a few more hints!.

Sightseeing stop number 15 –


Yes, we are back at the Flat again, just without the angry woman and the woman in the photo. I tell you with all honesty. It is never easy being a Babe-Magnet!

If I’ve left anything out just drop me a line. Remember I read the messages in the SPAM-filter as well!

I know it is not easy being a visitor to a foreign Country! I’ve tried it myself a few times while in California last year, but it is those memories of the highlights that keep us going….and the relentless taste of Lentil Chili washed down by a bottle of Pinot Noir from California……

If I’m lying, I’m dying…..

PS I did choose to include Sightseeing stop number 13 in defiance of the practice of not naming the 13th floor of buildings in the USA. Hope I didn’t insult any deity?