Meant to be

Doing the right thing, always

Duties, Expectations,

Father buy me this, or take me there,


Honoring agreements

Buy, sell, the debt ceiling over my head threatens

to break,


Then being someone else,

tempted to do the wrong thing



She’ll leave you

said by one who occupies a bed,

growing colder all the time,


She’ll find someone new,

someone younger than you,

How could a bed, with 2 lovers

grow colder all the time?


Wanting, needing

My thoughts wander to a distant place

where a younger me had chosen to dwell



Easy to say, when times get tough

That this life, I lead

was never intended at all,


You silly fool, she said once

or more too often,

It was never meant to be

You are a dreamer of dreams

never meant to be,


Meant to be……


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