A Somewhat Worrier

I never thought I’d be a worrier, as things go?

It is perhaps age that makes me worry more, but perhaps it has always been there, waiting for me under the surface?

Money is one of the biggies, but I earn what I do, and I just try to save what I can, even though the outward forces of having a family and a house, test that every, single day.

Here are some of my latest worries:


From left to right. Green Lentils, Cabbage, Red Lentils, Ground Coffee, Whole Coffee Beans.

The lentils can be purchased rather easy, but when I start making my concoctions, I am often stymied by having green, but not red lentils, or vice-versa.

The coffee issue is my greatest worry right now.


Here is some of it, freshly ground. Coffee, Dark Roast from Canada. OK Probably from Brazil, originally, but seemingly not to be found in this part of Denmark?

I love my coffee. That’s all there is to it. I’ve tried a great number of coffee types in Denmark, but it took the foreign type to make me fall in love with it, all over again.

Don’t start getting confused here. I said “Fall in love” – with the Coffee, OK?

I am about to make some of the Dark Gold after this blog is completed, and will be in momentary ecstasy, in those brief moments, before I need to leave for work. The questions here reflect, what life also seems to ask:

  • Why did this type of Coffee find me so late in life?
  • What do I do, when I run out of it?
  • If/when out of Coffee, will I be able to love again, and in the same way?
  • Will my wife find out about this forbidden love, and can she accept it?

You see. Life was much easier with Lentils and Cabbage…..