The Injustice of Depression

No fault of my own,

no want to explain

why this day is unraveling

at its edges,

and heading toward the middle

of me?


I want to apologize

for feeling so bad, and wanting to live

up to others expectations,

but can’t, I just can’t

I would like to, but…


My mind is a jumble

of words, abstract in their loss

of explaining to myself,

what I too don’t understand,


It’s not me that you see,

here hiding alone, waiting

for the day to even itself out



The injustice of depression,

has robbed me of words, and has made me

an empty vessel,

waiting to be filled,


Pity me not, but try to understand,

That I am the same, the sister, the daughter, the friend,

the one you always have known,

but never have known on a day like today

of all days,


of no days….


I am

still me…


One thought on “The Injustice of Depression

  1. Reblogged this on Cyranny's cove and commented:
    I admit to being biased at times… I can’t help it, knowing Notthedane56 the way I do.

    But this has nothing to do with it. People who have suffered from depression know it is extremely rare to come across people who haven’t and still can put it into words like this… I just couldn’t not re-blog it.

    Thank you my friend… A beautifully penned description of something I hope you never have to go through in your life!

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