Would You Fight to Keep Her?

She is yours,

of that there is no doubt,

but is that to continue,

the way you treat



Would you fight to keep her? From those that

would and could do more,

To let her choose the greater of the two


the lesser of these being

the one you both follow, but-


Would you ask her to stay, and become one again,

how it all started out

The quest that you both were committed to

before your ways started to part,


Would you accept her, the way she is

and not,

the way you want her to be?

The free spirit that exists, the will to do

the want for change and….


Would you love her, the way

that she wants, and needs to be loved,

the way that many dream about, strive after,

wait for, and finally….


Would you fight to keep her?

I wonder if you ever, could appreciate the way

that she is?

-and listen to what her dreams contain

-and fight off all attackers, who would want

to give her what she really needs


I wonder…



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