My Greatest Love

My greatest love

might just be

one that I haven’t attained,

as yet,


Who am I to say, that at this point

in time and space, the earth revolving around the sun,

the sunsets that follow the sunrises,

the age that I am today, and the age that I was,

yesterday, all influence

what I am tomorrow, and who I choose to be with,

and how that person affects me, like I’ve never been

affected before, and how she does, and how she is,

and how I react to that, and, and….


My greatest love might not have found me, after

searching the length and breadth of her time,

on this planet, of those she has known, and those who

have known  her,

And she doesn’t know, how much we have in common, and

why it has taken a lifetime to find,

each other,


And how she tells, everyone around her, how she has waited

and hoped and wanted to know who had been doing

the same?


My greatest love might be the one that I am with,

or the one that I am not,

and the time it takes me to find that out,

is the greatest time in my lifetime….


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