The Wind, and Her

The wind blew the curtains out

then in, then out again,


A warm summer breeze pervaded my thoughts, blowing

the leaves and papers about in my memory, scraps of unfinished

conversations with her, unsaid words…


The floorboards were dusty, creaking when I gingerly stepped

about, for as not to awaken her memory

Sometimes sleep is the only escape we have,

but I fought to stay awake when my thoughts,

were with her


I caressed her hand, though I knew it was only

to tempt her latent response,

to remind her, how much I missed,

her not being here,


It was selfish of me, wanting her the way, I did

without thinking of others, who existed

where she did not,


The summer flies were buzzing, as the wind blew

her memory in swirls again to me,

the screen door latch, broken wanting repair

slammed in the incessant breeze,

while the sun inched across the sky,


My throat, parched and wanting

to taste of her soothing comfort,

As I waited by the lazy waters

of her mind,


The warmth of the sun

The coolness of her smile,

The window slammed shut,


My memories of her

wandered about, where

the breezes still blew….





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