Been Wishing Lately

Been Wishing Lately

I guess I’m just a Dreamer,

you know that is true,


I wish, I could just see you one more time,

I might just hop a freight train, one that has

a lonesome whistle,

one that makes me cry at the sound,

crying wishes out of my eyes,


We could just,

and not much more than that, I’ve just been

wishing lately….


I’ve been listening

to music that makes me think

and thinking that makes me miss you

all the more,


I don’t wish for many things

not things that fill my rooms, nor fill my mind

Things that clutter my thoughts

and stop me thinking,

of other more important



You see, I’ve been wishing lately

wishing to talk to you,

face to face,

on no certain terms, or promises

no thoughts of love, nor hate

nor silent technicolor dreams

that end too soon,


Sad songs about trains

and sad train whistles

and empty rooms,

and lack of freight trains,

to match my wishes,


And distances too far,

and thoughts confused,

and not knowing what this life is about,

and not being, living, existing closer

-to you,


I’ve just been wishing lately………….




Author: notthedane56

I am not the important one here. I'm pretty sure who is, but that doesn't always seem prudent to tell about in my "About Me" box. If in doubt, then read a few blogs, add 5+7, then subtract a largish Country to the north of the USA. Answer forthcoming in my next "About Me" box, or not.

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