I Followed Her Gaze

I Followed Her Gaze

As it followed me.

She knew what she wanted. She always did, and she knew how to get it.


I was unaware, or tried to be anyway.

I was satisfied with what I had, how I lived, and where my life was taking me.


Her gaze was unmistakable in its look.

The look, eyeing what it wanted. No was not an option here.


I followed her gaze to see where it would lead me.

She took a walk, made a turn, ending up at……


Being aware, is an art of sorts. Being in tune, is a learned talent.

Being one with her, is as inescapable,

as escaping her gaze…………….


Author: notthedane56

Blogging seems to have changed other people's opinion about me. Never would they have thought that I would take such a step to reveal my innermost thoughts in that way, but then not everyone is strong enough to understand such brilliant madness?

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