Even If,

Even if I could be with you now,

I would,

Even if I could hold you close to me

and listen to you sighing,

a last sigh before leaving,

I would,

Even if I could tell you, whisper

that it,

would be all right between us, even if

we part ways now,

Even if I could not let go, and hold your hand, as it stretched

and lengthened the distance between us,

I would,

And even if I told you, what you have wanted to hear,

and all of those months, and all of those tears

that you’ve cried in between,

I wouldn’t…


Cry not. Our time is not over, just passing

for now,

Remembering the brief time, we had

in each others presence,

and all of the words, shared

and all of the hopes, and the dreams,

and all of the passions, concealed,

and all of the thoughts of a brighter time,

and sharing the moments of life,

that brought us together, and drove us apart,


Even if I could, but I can’t

Even if the circumstances were different, but they are not

and even if I let my feelings out, and told you what

I dare not say to myself,


Even if…..