To her Memory

Let us drink to her memory!

Gathered together with friends that remembered

how she did, and when she was that

My only, one and only,

and laughing they were, and I

laughing as well,


To drink to someone, with nary a drop

would see her in true form, and how she used to,

Perhaps a glass more, but not more than 3

where drunken intentions made prettier

where she,


The more that we drank,

and toasted her health,

her long life, living for the rest of us


we emptied the bottle

and then 2-3 more, the better she seemed

so much better to score,


I had her, I wanted her, I left her at last

too drunk to admit, more than the truth would allow

me to admit loving her, and all that she was,


Too little to drink, portrayed her in bad light,

the more that the alcohol ran,

the clearer I saw,

The ultimate love

the purest of pure,

my woman of dreams…


The hangover told me, I’d lost her at last

the splitting headache, she was

the dry throat, the shaking hands


Too drunk, too many times,

remembering her smile,  I winced a wince

then took one two steps

and passed out in stupor,


A fitting toast to my love…..




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