Dancing In Viborg

We chanced to meet. A stop by the wayside.

Viborg was calling.


We danced a silent dance,

alone being together, you put your head

on my shoulder and I,

breathed in your presence,


Dancing in Viborg, such a pleasant encounter

with so few words between us,

so many months apart,

and so much time, and so much space, separating

us and we, and you being her,

and I, him

and we were those people, who others just pointed at,

and wondered why we seemed,

to fit so well together?


A few steps, forward, and a few steps back, the dance is ending

once again, I know…


Dancing in Viborg, a pleasant time spent,

with you being so clever, second guessing my steps,

and wanting to be,

with me, once again

and laughing, and smiling through your words,


Dancing in Viborg, no one could have seen us, as

we were not at all, together, you see,

And we only spoke, and we only wanted,

to be

dancing in Viborg, together again


Together again….


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