Wait for Me, She said

I’m coming to you, she said one day

will you wait?

Wait and wait, I’ve waited 20 years or more,

20 years your senior

You’ll never catch up,


Me and you, she smiled and threw

her arms around my neck, my whitened hair

my wrinkled hands, grasped

and sighed.


Wait for you? You’ll never catch up, even

if you left this existence today,

younger not older, you would be,

And I, whiter with the days,



Sing to me, and blow me kisses,

and drink to my memory,

and caress my headstone,

Summer breezes, Winter chills,

Autumn sadness, Spring renews,


Toast to my memory, but never in anger

broken glass and the birds of spring, a match do not make

Drink a glass, but not 2, nor 3

That would make you silly and yes, so angry at me


Angry for being so old,

Older than you and not waiting,

For your time to be my time,

Watching waiting,

Time breaks stones, and crushes trees,

The me that you knew,

The me that you know,

will fade with time

your time afterwards,

will  follow my path,

not the same way, nor the same time


Wait for me, she cried and wept

Wait for me, I can’t do without you,

Wait for the likes of me, wanting

the likes of you….