Too Many Sunsets

And too many sunrises

And too much time spent apart, we are

And what would I do to change my life, and change what keeps

us apart?

Would that I could, make my life over, and be the one person,

the only one for you,

And if that could happen, at that time, at that very moment, when

I looked into your eyes,

And you looked into mine, and your thoughts were not

distant, as we are today,

And if at that moment, when all voices were hushed

And all sounds, and the sun was going down, throwing reds and

oranges around, like they were going out of style, and we just happened

to be together, hands clasped and bodies near, when, when,

And the sun became its sunset, and I was still apart

from you and your sunset, and we thought of each other,

and wondered if those colors,

would ever be ours