Tossing, Turning

World Turning

Living, Dying

Lovers impassioned,  tearing

writhing, out of breath

“Me and you”, your partner gasps

Only me and you….


Living, Dying

My father died the other day

82 years young,

What to do, what to do?

and my mother, now

what will she do?

What can we do?


Tossing, turning

World turning

never stopping,

The sun in its last days, only 7

Billion years left to burn,

No tears to cry


What did you think about

when our passions ran high

The ultimate, the sublime

What we meant to each other, or

to hang up the laundry, or feed the cat

thinking about my life, and not yours

and not you,


He was 82, you know?

It was his time, his time

82 and, what else could

he do?


Tossing, Turning

My  heart is yearning for something

something else than today, and yesterday years


Tossing, Turning

My mind keeps turning, over and over

my thoughts, creating

my next life’s reality


My thoughts…..






Author: notthedane56

I am not the important one here. I'm pretty sure who is, but that doesn't always seem prudent to tell about in my "About Me" box. If in doubt, then read a few blogs, add 5+7, then subtract a largish Country to the north of the USA. Answer forthcoming in my next "About Me" box, or not.

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