Run Away With Me

Run away with me

you won’t regret, you won’t look back


We know what we want, but we can’t



Run away with me, my life is a mess, and I want

and you want,  and we want

the same,


Run away with me the problems will go

then the problems will come, and be the same,

and you will want to make it nice, and make it work,

but not with me,


Run away with me your life needs change,

your life is a mess, and you want, what I want,

what I want, with you

What I think, I want?


Running away until the same problems catch us

and make us into, what we ran away from

and make us wonder why we chose,

each other, and how we thought,

the troubles would fade,

being together?


Run away with me my vision blurs,

my mind forgets what we dreamed

once together,

Run away with you, your smile fades,

when you mention my name, and why we thought,

we could run away from it all, and make a new life

a new life together,


A new life together…..