What the Canadians Saw

What did the Canadians see, while here in Northern Denmark?

Well that is a story for the deaf, and a sight for the blind…..

To the north of Aalborg is a Viking Burial Site called Lindholm Høje.


Source: Google Maps


Source: Google Maps

There are a number of stones which date back to the Iron Age, and the time of Vikings.


Here is the description on Wikipedia   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindholm_H%C3%B8je


These 4 cold and dreary looking photos perfectly describe the mood at the time. It was cold, and wet, and drizzly. My iPhone 4 was about to go white, but I didn’t suspect anything at the time. The Canadians might have jinxed it, or put some sort of spell on it, because the next photo looked like this:


OK. It didn’t look like that, but it could have! If you looked closely, you might have seen one of them……but I couldn’t. I was blinded by their French Language, and their Pure Foreignness!

Then we went various places, but you wouldn’t believe me without the photos that were/could have been numerous, but weren’t all the same.

Then the sightseeing became even more exciting!

Remember, this is not bathroom humor.

Just imagine, you are up at night to answer the call of Nature, when the unthinkable happens…the seat falls down and wakes up your dear one!

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Here is the same toilet that they experienced, with the Soft Closing Lid!

Here is a silent advertisement, showing the same thing.



The added feature is that the seat can be removed for easy cleaning!


They professed to never have seen the likes of such a wonder, either in Montréal or in Trois-Rivières!

Then they were dazzled by eating Russian Borscht, and Lentil Chili. Then Untried Chicken Curry with Red Lentils, finished off with Spongy Carrot Cake!

Don’t be fooled in thinking that I too did not get something out of their visit. While at the Aalborg Airport, I was allowed to park my car numerous times, in the cold and dreary, Danish Weather, and…

And when they finally arrived, the gate had been changed, but don’t worry – I managed to get a text message calling me a “Ninny…….”

Gotta Love Those Canadians…..












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  1. thanks for letting us know our frozenland comrades made it safely to the land of vikings…….and cream cheese and cherry danishes!


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