The Implications of Foreign Visitors

I am beginning to wonder, if having visitors from another Country is a wise idea?

I’ve had certain indications that the visit is no bed of roses, and my impressions usually prove to be correct!

  • When they start to discuss, if the window can be opened wide enough in order to escape?
  • When they say they are just going out for a smoke, but take their jackets, purses, bus tickets, and forget their cigarettes!
  • Cough loudly and impatiently when asked if they are enjoying themselves.
  • They admit to liking dogs, but continue to offer it chocolate, grapes, raisins and alcohol
  • They say that English is acceptable, but continue to whisper in low tones in French
  • They nod their heads to indicate “yes”, and shake them to indicate “no”. Then when asked if they are enjoying themselves, they shake first then nod afterwards.
  • They start to wonder if they’ve gotten the address wrong, or perhaps the Country as well?
  • They compliment the host on the meal, then ask about the location of the nearest McDonalds (it is located about 2 kilometers away)
  • Agree to a cup of coffee, but it is more likely that it is used to kill the taste of the desert, which they ranted and raved about just prior, how excellent it was.
  • They seem to edge towards the door, telling about how the day has just flown on by, and their comfy flat located near the noisy Train and Bus Stations, is waiting anxiously for their return

I can’t wait, until I too am able to visit their home Country in order to bestow upon them, the same type of compliments that they have showered upon me!

-there are just some things, that won’t wash off without a good scrub……