All Of Me

Your feet! That’s what she said. Why are your feet like that?

Women! Sheesh! You can’t please them no matter how much you try.

I thought we were really getting somewhere with each other. She was a woman and I was a man, and those kind of people seem naturally suited for each other. At least I thought so?

It went all right at first. We didn’t know that much about each other. Those were good times indeed. We weren’t even sure if we liked each other, or would ever do so. I really didn’t love her or anything, you know all secret-like, but there was something about her, that I didn’t know- well OK. Everything about her, anyway.

When we met the problems really began.

Why do you part your hair on that side of your head? It doesn’t become you at all! If we are going to be seen in public together, then I’d like you to change that to the better.

I decided to give her a once over as well……Nope! She was perfect in every way. The way that she spoke to me in that condescending way made me have feelings for her that I never had before for any other woman (and never would again).

She commented everything about me. Nothing seemed to be right in the beginning, but after she added her special touches, then it became right!

Then disaster happened.

Your feet! That’s what she said. Why are your feet like that?

Just about everything else could be changed, but not that.

I was just about to protest, when I thought my Chili Lentils were burning on the stove, so this blog had to be postponed for another time.

I’ve got visitors coming today, so I don’t have anymore time for such blog frivolities. Just sit back and listen to Willie Nelson and his great song, All of Me and don’t worry about my feet anymore!


One thought on “All Of Me

  1. Hah! If anyone complains about your feet, you should just let the storm go by. Just like an Icelandic pit stop. People who care about feet don’t care about the important stuff in life. #don’tletfeetfetishwin


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