Live Event – Cancelled!

Well, I guess, I really have egg on my face this time!

My ultimate, non-approved, live event from Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond my control

It seems that the travelers connected with this event, have changed around their plans,or have not informed me of the correct plans during my first announcement. Traveling is a tricky business, and having to travel from Point A to Point C, is exasperated by Point B, now known as Iceland.

I thought it was bad enough having to pronounce the name of that volcano, which has caused so much trouble in 2010, but now it seems that it has altered my plans for the non-approved, probably subject to legal action, almost live event from the main airport in Copenhagen!

One of my faithful readers, the supposed up and coming Dictator-ess of Denmark, had suggested that Danes would be recognizable by their hats with horns, but that is one of the errors that most people make about Danes. Hats with horns are usually attributed to Norwegians, or Icelanders, who  both claim to have  cornered the market with the land(s), where the Vikings originated from.

Even Finland claims Santa Claus for their very own,  leaving Denmark with Hans Christian Andersen, who is known as HC to his faithful Danish supporters.

You see how difficult it is trying to attract interest to Denmark? I’ve been trying to make a big splash about some random travelers, from one of those largish Countries on the other side of the Atlantic, but I guess, they’d rather remain anonymous to the rest of the world?

I apologize for the confusion about this almost live, non-sanctioned, possibly subject to legal action, event, which now must wait for another golden opportunity to really expose the Danes for who they are….

Instead of exposing me for what I am……


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