When I lived in Los Angeles, California, I used to listen to FM-radio. One station, KMET played Rock and Roll, but not only that.

One DJ played Country Music as well. He often took his own records with him and played them in the evenings in the early 70’s. I was introduced to Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Linda Ronstadt, Gordon Lightfoot, and a host of others, both of Rock, Country Rock, Folk Music, you name it, he played it.

He had his troubles though, and one night while drunk and on the air, he said a number of things that got him fired. He later ended up at a FM Country Station, which  lasted another year or so, when history repeated itself, once again. He drifted from station to station, finally ending up somewhere in Colorado, where he still hosts a radio program.

This is one of the songs that I was introduced to, and had recorded on my cassette player, hiked close up to the speaker of my Transistor Radio!

  • and I can never, never, never go home again…….


Here are the lyrics from Google Play Music, if you want to sing along with Ian and Sylvia