“But you’ve broken that promise” some might say?

Not necessarily. It has to do with the Sun, the Earth and the changing moods of my readers!

When I wrote the last blog, some of you had already gone to sleep, dreaming about my loose screws, and what they meant in the real sense of things, while others were just getting up and looking at their boyfriends and thinking “why in the world are we together?” But that is neither here nor there.

Are you getting the idea yet? No? OK. Take a sip of coffee, or if you are under the age of consent, a sip of your Cola, and read on.

Time is not constant, and if you look at things in a twisted way, like I do, then you’ll see what I mean. The Sun might appear to move across the sky, but it is actually the Earth in movement, creating what some of us would like to refer to as “Time Zones”.

Time Zones are not real, which means that if your cows are on the one side of one time zone, and my cows are on the other side, then one, or more of them, might not show up to Cow Tea Time on time! “Where are your cows?”, I might ask. With the reply being, “On my side of the Time Zone” which you would argue that your side was the right side, even though I looked to the left, when you said it!

See how simplifying things help to understand complicated concepts?

Let’s expand on that explanation to explain how my blogs, still are only one in number per day, while your perspective shows/tells you that I seemed to have posted 2, or more. It’s kind of like the 2-child policy in China. “What about the kid in the next room?” The official from the Government might ask. “Oh, he is in another Time Zone, and is technically not ours”. Would they have vacation together? Would they have to travel along parallel  lines, so as not to arouse suspicion?

Cow Tea Time is not as complicated as all that, because in Denmark, it is not a crime to have more than 2 baby cows at one time!

Now are you getting it?

I still am not getting the response that I thought, I would, but things seem to be improving with time.

Let’s say that in your Time Zone, you’ve just read my second blog, which hasn’t really occurred, because the Sun has not risen outside your apartment in Montréal as yet. You gingerly step into your cat slippers, and sneak out into the other room so as not to awake your boyfriend, with your blog-mania. Then you write a comment which shows that you haven’t considered the rotation of the earth as opposed to the amount of “supposed” blogs that you “assume” that I “might” have written.

There you have it! A nicely fabricated answer to why it seemed in your wildest fantasies, that I had broken my promise, and had written more than one blog per day! And then I might have said, And then, but when I said, And then for the third time, you would have realized that my supposed 3rd blog for the same day, actually occurred in my Time Zone, which would have had my cows drinking tea, when the Midnight Sun was out, in Denmark, that is.

This blog is number one for the next day, which it is in Denmark, depending on your actual Time Zone, at the present moment in time. This will of course change, if you happen to be existing in my Time Zone at the same time as me, then that would put a new twist on things!

If that happens then remember to have your cows text my cows in order to experience a successful Cow Tea Time……..

in my Time Zone, that is….