Loose Screws

It seems like, I always have loose screws lying about. My wife has told me for many years now, that I have at least one, but she doesn’t help me to do anything about it.

Ever have the feeling that there is something else, not being said, but there all the same?

I’ve tried to tell myself, not to be concerned about loose screws, as it seems like, I am not  the only one. People at my job are frequently pointing to their heads and talking about customers and their loose screws! Lucky for me I work at a building store, where loose screws are in the majority, and not the minority.

When I don’t know what else to do with my time, I reflect on my many loose screws. Hours and hours might go by, while I ponder this and that, but not anything at all, arguing with the many colorful sides of my personality. My wife though has asked me not to get into those type of discussions, while other people are about, especially members of her family! I’ve tried to tell her, that they too have loose screws, but she usually ends up defending them regardless.

I am happy  that I always can rely on my loose screws to help me onward in life.If you too have a loose screw or two, then I would encourage you to cherish that part of you that not only makes you special to others, but also part of a community of others having the same special characteristic.

I’ll stop  writing now and ponder a bit more…………………


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