One Pair of Slippers

One too many for me


I for one, only


one pair,

not even my own, because

She insisted on her own pair

to keep my pair,



I wish, my pair, which is hers

and her pair, which is mine,

would run off together…


Leaving us alone once again….


Pencil, Broken Tip

Not easy to write

Love Sonnets, to you!


“Crazy, you are” she said

with a passion, unbridled


while watching me draw smiles,

on her sleeve,


with the lead, shortened


If only, I thought

but rather, no


A sharpener would ruin

the mystery between




A Burning Sensation

Love or lust?

She asked herself

when he looked at her

like he did,


A quiet dinner

for two, quiet until

he yelled, loud and bothered

“A burning sensation, has me in

its grips!”


Love or lust?

She wondered again,

would he, should she, why did he choose

this moment in time?


“The cheese fell out of my tortilla,

burning, a burning sensation

down below!”, he cried


She knew, Oh yes

She knew,

It was lust after all….

To Jab You in the Heart

I wielded my pen,

and papered my way with the darkest

of inks,

to jab you in the heart,

with my prose


A fist fight ensued, in which

I fought off all jealous lovers

using my sharpest wit,

and daring cunning,


But your eyes turned away, and yet,

towards me, in that direction,

where I a reflection, saw

in a pool so deep, so calm, and so cool


Your eyes like pools, darkened,

and words like ripples, meeting

joining, like prose

being written upon,


My words and your words as well,

inks and shining swords, clashing

-becoming one

-becoming one…




Not Thinking About You

We do that

a lot, it seems

not thinking about each other

being the best way to be, or if

we did, and what of that, of thinking

and acting, and wanting, although it is better

you know? Not thinking of you, not being

with you, close enough to touch, the bother of

such things like that, is remedied by the lack of thoughts


that we share about each other..

Stormy Intentions

Being windy

or calm

the difference between

us two,

She took me

by storm, and I

being placid in

my thoughts, was caught


Thrown about

like a ship on the seas

No certain balance, found

No up, and no down,

not unlike love, unbounded


Her Stormy Intentions,

being much too powerful for,

an unprotected port

like me…

If We Were Them

I told her

a story, about us

and them


“If they were us, and we them

then you and I

would be



She shook her head in dismay

“Why would I want to be

them? They are not us, but

we are, who we are”


“I’ll try again”, said I, not being upset

“If you were her, and I him

then together we

would be us”


“The distinction, the

understanding of us being them

and not who we are, is not where I thought

we should be”, she said dejectedly,


“You see, slowly”, I said

“If we want to be us, and not them

then we could, figuratively,

be together, but only in our

imaginations, as it seems that

we, being us realistically

in your mind, not

possible is”


Metaphorically speaking….


Sometimes, I have

Sometimes, I have

Little Fears, and sometimes

Big Ones,


My Teddy Bear has gone awry

and my warm socks have holes

in them, and my Cell Phone doesn’t

Vibrate anymore,


I  don’t want,

to be afraid, of Monsters under my bed,

or things that go Bonkers in the night,

or melted Candy Bars, in my jacket



Having Little Fears, are always

better than having big ones, except

when I look for my toes, downwards

and my belly only laughs

at me….

Not Misunderstanding the S-Word

Some of you might have wondered when the Guy Dictionary would be coming to the good stuff? Well, for some of you that time has finally come, but for others, you will have to re-read what the L-word really means, and ponder that for a long while.

The S-word is one of those that comes to us, sooner or later, and in my case it was the latter later, rather than the sooner, sooner. No, I am not babbling here for fun and profit, but remember that the L-word and the S-word are often used in the same breath, or at least when you think you are using the correct word at the correct time.

Here is an example. You have taken her to dinner, and having been very careful not to drip gravy down your shirt, or shoot an olive pit into her cleavage, then the emotions begin to boil, or perhaps it is the chili salami, and you are confronted with the L- or the S-question? Should you go with the safe question, the down and dirty question, or the cherub-red roses, which might be $50 down the drain if she says no – question.

Need help here? I would ask myself the following questions to lead you to Valhalla, or Halva.

  1. Have I remembered, if I still were married?
  2. Do I really want to get involved, or wouldn’t I rather work that jigsaw puzzle at home?
  3. Am I going to be able to satisfy  her as much as a bowl of Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream?
  4. Aren’t there more choices than the L- or S-words?

What would I choose? I’d have to say that any/all of the above choices are unacceptable, as being happily married and all, all other extra curricular activities wouldn’t reach the area of being considered, unless you haven’t believed a word I’ve said until now, which means that I would go with the S-word.

Have any of you remembered how I’ve revealed how Guys, Real Guys that is, will usually say the wrong thing at the most inopportune time, which comes as no surprise to their partners,  who are probably using the TV remote, or their cell phone to check if their other friends are as unsatisfied at the same moment in time? Remember not to say anything stupid at that moment that should be special for both of you, depending on your understanding of timing, listening, and responding to her needs. No, I haven’t been reading books about how to please her, or 10 ways not to put your foot in your mouth, this is experience speaking here, plain and simple.

If in doubt, then shut up! If you don’t then the M-word might just escape your lips when it started out with the S-word on your mind! The M-word should only be uttered in extreme cases of keeping her in the Country, before she is deported, or in the case of Temporary Insanity. I sometimes wish, some one had carted me away for saying the M-word, but the judge probably would have been a woman, and the jurors as well!

“Serves him right” is what they’ll be telling you, which might just get you out of the frying pan and into the fire, if you’ve forgotten the answer to question number 1?

I feel that this blog has gotten derailed by too much language, which means that I’ve fallen victim to my own advice, about shutting up and……………………….

Standing on a Corner

Looking about for

Canadians, not as easy

as one would think


Whistling, some tune

perhaps their National Anthem

in French no less,


You’d think,

that all eligible Canadians, who

were into Street Corners, would respond?


Now we are two, standing  on a corner

whistling out of key, possibly in French

looking for others


I wonder if my friend,

leans towards Canadians, or if

whistling out of key, is preferred?


Standing on a corner,

pretending to be a Canadian, hoping

to attract others of the same ilk,


Thinking French thoughts

just out of key….