The Tallest Ladder, I Could Find

Today, I tried to see the city of Copenhagen. Tried anyway.

Once upon a time in National Geographic there was a Norwegian joke about Denmark. “Stand on a box, and you can see Norway!”.

I took that story to heart today, and looked for the tallest ladder, I could find. My neighbor just shook his head and muttered, “Another Crazy American to deal with”.

I went to the local building store, but unless I wanted to invest in scaffolding to a whole lot of money, then they just told me to buy 2 ladders of equal length, tie them to my legs like stilts, and hop up, as far as I could! I would’ve done so, but they just broke out laughing and muttered, “And they say Trump is different!”, which made me take my business elsewhere.

If there really, truly is an invasion of Canadian Women to Denmark, then I want to be able to warn my neighbors of this impending danger. I thought they would have backed me up in this endeavor, but I was wrong. So wrong….

I might try to set up a blockade of the local Airport which would send a message to the rest of the Country, “Beware! Danger! Hold onto your varicose veins!

I just feel that the Airport could have backed me up bit by setting an example when/if they come to this part of the Country?


I have a feeling, though, it will be an uphill battle……..