Copenhagen Calling – Don’t Answer that Phone!

In  about a week from now a new invasion will be hitting Denmark! Yes, Canadians are swooping in over the gentle Danish Skies, with their French Murmurings and Foreign Expectations!

What should we do? Hide the kids, or barricade the doors? Sic the dog(s) on them, or deny them entry to the rest of the Country?

What if we restricted them to Copenhagen? That would teach them to come over here and steal our/their women/men!

I have personally been in contact with a Canadian in 2016. Right here in my own city. Right here on my very street, yes even inside my very own home! I survived to tell that tale, and to warn others from suffering the same fate!

Here are the unmistakable photos that ARE Copenhagen that I have had on this website over the past 2 years. This is what the tourists come to see, and this is where they should be spending their time!

My wife agrees wholeheartedly with that statement, and would like to wish any and all Canadians, especially the women, good luck in their sightseeing endeavors in Copenhagen!

Remember that even though they sound like us/them and look like us/them, there still is an element of foreign intrigue involved with women from other Countries!

Gotta go. The wife suspects that I’m not thinking about her again……..