A Day in Northern Jutland – The Top of Denmark!

Where are we going today, Papa Smurf? Why to Skagen, the top of Denmark!


Source: Google Maps

I  once told my niece, who was visiting Denmark from USA. Here in Skagen, is where Denmark runs out in the sand! My sister in-law looked rather strangely at me, as if I were insulting her Country, but that couldn’t be farther from the real truth….maybe.

North of the rather largish city of Frederikshavn the road grows more narrow, and the country as well. It still isn’t possible to look from one side of the country to the other, but just wait until we reach the tip called Grenen.


Source: Google Maps

The tip is made of sand and shifts from time to time. Maps don’t always follow these changes, so they sometimes put the tip more to the north, or to the East.

Here is the Satellite shot from Google Maps


Source: Google Maps

The starting point is the large parking lot shown near the other names under the center of the photo.


If you’d rather visit the tip via tractor, then the Sandorm (Sand Snake/worm) can be paid for at this location. One-way, or round trip is up to you and your legs.



I chose the route along the coast, arriving at the tip of Denmark where the two seas meet.


Looking to the South


Looking to the North

The Skagerrak  to the West and the Kattegat to the East meet at this tip. If you’ve never experienced two seas meeting before, then this is the trip that you need to take!

Source: Wikipedia

Here is a map showing the two seas, and one of them in French, for good measure.


At Grenen. I would’ve taken a better photo, but it seems that it was Canadian visitation day at Skagen?

There is usually room for everyone in Denmark!

You might also see some of the large ships in the background. They need to sail quite a distance around the tip in order to avoid the sandy waters!

There are also German WWII bunkers to see along the coast.

Here is one showing Danish Humor:

“Zimmer Frei” is the usual term to encourage visiting Germans to let a room while on vacation in Denmark. Denmark was under German occupation during the most of WWII, so just laugh and enjoy this time of peace!


In the end, I decided to show the visiting Canadian a bit of Danish Hospitality, and accompanied her back towards the parking lot.

It was the least I could do to help the Tourist Industry along the way…..



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