Fantasy Fruit Ramblings – Squeezing my Kiwis

If only….

How many times have I said that about food? Well, if I had enough time for doing so, then I’d put the keyboard aside and squeeze my Kiwis. No, you have not taken the wrong turn and have ended up on some Porno Site, but the Art is Squeezing Kiwis also extends to the Fantasy part of this blog.

How much iron is in one Kiwi? Enough to build a battleship? Well, not if it is one of those American jobbies, but a smaller Danish variety, perhaps…

Seriously. My fruit is one of my pride and joys. What should accompany my lunch box today? Kiwis anyone? A firm Kiwi is destined to languish around on the fruit dish yet another day, waiting for the “God of Fruit Softening” to come by and do what it does best! Granted, I might forget about my Kiwis and the God/Goddess might just do too good of a job, sending them to Kiwi heaven.

Kiwis in the compost bin? Nope. That citric acid will kill all of my nameless Compost Worms, and make me sad…I’ve told my wife time and again, No Citrus peelings in the Composter!

Do you have any ripe fruit at home?

What are you waiting for? A visit from Mr Mold?

I’ve got to go now, but if you have any Kiwis at home, I’d advise you to give them a good squeeze, and tell them that you know that they are still wanted and needed.

Everybody likes and deserves messages like that!…