The Ghosts that Haunt Me

I would like to believe in ghosts. Really!

OK. I wouldn’t want to lie to you, but sometimes I feel that there are supernatural forces at work here in Northern Denmark.

There are still a number of empty fields here in the outskirts of Aalborg, Denmark’s 4th largest city. There was a battle fought here in 1534 by a fellow named Skipper Clement. He was a troublemaker of sorts and encouraged the farmers and peasants of the time to rebel against the enemies of the Danish King. How do y0u do that? Why by burning the farms and residences of the richer landowners both regular and those owned by the church. He was finally caught and has his head chopped off, but then that’s what the price is for rebelling and causing mayhem!

No matter. As he was doing his deeds around  these parts, the Historical Museum goes about with a largish tractor and digs around for traces of Danish History. A museum official told one of the neighbors that Good Old Skipper might have been rebelling in  one of the nearby fields, and they might do more investigations later on.

Those marks in the ground are now covered by weeds, and all have forgotten that silly talk about what might be found, but….

What if it was the ghost of Skipper Clement that caused my clothes dryer to stop working? It worked fine. I moved it to the floor, then placed it back on its platform. Dead! The electrician couldn’t find anything wrong with it which means that we’ve become more Eco-friendly, by drying our wash outside over the past 2 years.

The kids are troublesome as well. OK, some might say that is how teenagers are, but….

The wife is also a bit pesky from time to time. Some might say that almost 30 years of marriage might have something to do with that, but….

The neighbors also speak to each other in strange tongues! OK. They speak Danish, and that might be explained by us living in Denmark, but….

My own bones seem to be more creaky with time, as well as the feeling that I am getting less-young than I used to be. Age, you might say?, but…..

The signs are unmistakable. There are spirits at work here, perhaps there is one sitting next to me as I type?

Not being a member of the Danish Church might just be in my favor right now, and by sporting whiskers on my face, I am rebelling against my wife, but….

I might just be the victim of blogging on Friday? Usually the worst day of the week for me to do so, but……