Bored with Copenhagen

All right. I admit it. I’m bored with Copenhagen!


“How could you say that?”, my faithful readers might be asking.


Copenhagen is passé. Notice how that accent symbol over the é says it all?


I’m sorry, but over here in Northern Denmark, I’ve finally had to admit to the truth of the matter: Danes over in this part of the country are not wild with Copenhagen!

Heck. It’s hard enough getting people to visit Aalborg with its 160,000 population! What would the country people do when faced with the likes of the Capital City?

Copenhagen does, however, have it all, but who needs “all”?

I prefer the quieter part of Denmark, and compared to Copenhagen, then Aalborg is on the way to nowhere.

A bit to the north of Aalborg, the towns get smaller and smaller, finally running out of Country at Skagen. I still owe everyone a blog about that Northern Tip, but there is time for that!

Take my advice. Fly into Copenhagen, then leave town for the real Denmark – Lickity Split!

PS. If you fall off the wagon, and manage to spend some time in that big city, I’ll try to forgive you…..but I won’t promise anything…..