New Idea. New Blog Site containing my deleted blogs!

All of my posts are under scrutiny from time to time. I weed out the ones which don’t merit being here anymore, which some might say would be all of them?

The 800 or so, blogs and drafts which are not on my main site, are up for grabs. I figure that they are just wasting space on my hard drive, so why not put them to use?

The new site won’t be geared to:

Likes – I wouldn’t want to have to delete more blogs than necessary, or else the main site would disappear eventually.

Followers – Again, not  allowed. I wouldn’t want anyone to follow my failures.

Comments – Why add insult to injury?

There will only be one category: Blogs

There won’t be any tags to mess things up with, and forget the idea about different months, or  blogs by the letter – they will all be released at one time to simplify things.

If the whole thing fails, it won’t really matter as they were deleted in the first place. The site will be deleted and forgotten along with my previous 3 blogging attempts.

If this idea doesn’t work out, then I’ll just delete this blog, thus saving me loads of unnecessary work.

If you don’t see this blog in one week, then you’ll know that I’ve succeeded in my failure!