I already have a blog about Dogs. Not a very used one, but once in a while, I’ll post something about what and why and how.

Being a dog means stretching to get attention. Attention is needed in order to go out. Going out means barking and the other things that dogs do.

Being a dog also means looking for anything that moves: cats, birds, leaves, people, balls that fly through the air.

Being a dog also means that utensils in the dishwasher are his, and only his. Clean ones might also be licked, but without any good results on his part.

I’ve had Cats before. A few in the States, and one in Denmark (he originated in the States). I am at the present time Cat-less, and that is most likely for the best.

Subject A: Dog


Being a dog also means that sub-freezing temperatures, wind and snow are no problem. The problem becomes getting the owner out of the door, when the Danish Weather is lousy, in Danish, Træls!

I’ve told him that it is cold, windy and lousy, because I am not sure if he understands the word, Træls?

He has learned: “Go, and Walk”, which shows me that his Mom didn’t raise any dummies!

Right now he is pretending to sleep, but as I have had shoes on for the past few hours, he will be ready by the front door, if I wander in that direction.

He’ll be stretching and jumping about, acting as if we haven’t been out those other 3-4 times earlier, and ready to tell all of his Dog-Friends, how badly, he has been treated!

He might even want to go outside in the backyard, making  sure that those Night Birds, Cats and other Night Creatures need a good barking before his bedtime.

Bark, Bark, Meow, Bark, Bark…….