New Blogging Idea for 2017

I am often bored with blogging. It is no secret and I’ve told my readers from time to time, that I’ll be taking a break for a while.

I think instead of stopping altogether that I should let my alter egos take over for the real me, when I get to the state of boredom.

My better half, might be considered to be my wife, but since she doesn’t have any interest in blogging, it’ll just have to be my better side, which is me, regardless.

Then it might be my first alter ego’s turn. He can write all of those love poems and the like to make women swoon, and want to run away with me to Sweden, or some other foreign place?

The next one would be my “Bad Boy Alter Ego. He would be breaking hearts and throwing caution to the wind, wrecking cars and taking all those chances, that I never would.

One of them can be the foreign me, speaking one or another foreign language (just not French) and wowing readers who want to hear my innermost thoughts, just in Swahili, or another exotic language!

I would be resting on my laurels, watching my other egos take over for me, or perhaps just sub-letting my blog out to them and let them do what they want with it!

One would have to exist in order to answer all of the comments of those daring few, who feel that they should air their opinions on my site, and who want some sort of answer, not necessarily a serious one!

Some might be asking, “How do we know the real you from your alter egos?” Well, that is easy, because they are me, and I am them. I’ve been accused of saying silly things all my life, so I’m sure that the other mes can easily be me, as much as I would have been me in their places! Who is he today? Well, he is the same as yesterday and tomorrow.

When I’ve stopped being bored, then I can pick up where I left off, with most, if not all of you not being able to see any difference in the quality of blogging as with my other alter egos!

Enjoy, or don’t, but that is the same, regardless if it is because of me, or because of me!

Just don’t accuse me of being the others, or them, me, as we are all different in the way we are, aren’t we?

Blogging, or not from Denmark in 2017………….