Not in French

I’m sorry to all of you bloggers out there that have been expecting a blog from me written in French. It is not going to happen, even if I use Google Translate.

You might not receive one in Danish as well. I realize from time to time, I might have thrown a bit of that language into my blogs, but it is some sort of occupational hazard, having to live in a foreign Country and all!

Using English is my best weapon to write blogs, although some of you might say that I shouldn’t be in the blog-business all together? I am not forcing you to follow me, nor to read my blogs, but they are there all the same, regardless of them being read, or not. I wish I could express myself in another language, but that is not going to happen on this side of age 60, of that I am pretty sure!

I also wish that I could understand other languages directly from that language to English, or whatever it is that operates as a universal translator in my head? I can do it somewhat with German, but reading German text is always easier than the spoken word, and that goes for Danish as well.

So for all of you who have made a list of things to expect from me, there won’t be any salvation on this issue. I hope you can forgive me on this subject, or just translate what I am saying into your native language (English counts as well) and hope that I make more sense than I did in the first place?

If, in fact, I sound better in your native language (including English) then I’d like you to write me a comment, telling me how I can sound better in the future.

Just not in French….



One thought on “Not in French

  1. It just shows me the heightened state of consciousness that occurs when I challenge the building blocks of blogging, by making a statement about an unintelligible language, which I will never master. Thank you for your non-comment which shows the indifference to my writing on the highest levels!


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