The Excitement of Living in Denmark

Some of you might think that nothing ever exciting happens in Denmark?

Well – you are wrong!

Just today, after have finished shopping at the local discount store, my cabbage escaped from my other purchases.


Here it is, safely residing in my kitchen, while just a few hours before….


it waited patiently with the other items, while I opened the back hatch on my car. When I gathered it up to put it in its place, it took a runner!

Doggy looked out of the car window, and wondered why it was allowed to play outside, but not him?


I looked under my car first, but it rolled onward.

I looked under the car next to mine, but it rolled on, without stopping.

I looked under the 3rd car, and lo and behold, it showed up after being out on a lark!


So those of you that think that nothing ever happens in Denmark….Think again!


Even though the rest of the population were existing warmly in their houses and farms, the raw excitement of Runaway Cabbages was taking place just a few kilometers away!


Just a few thousand meters away……