The Silence is Killing Me

I’ve been reading a book about how to make the most out of money. Creating a budget, avoiding impulse purchases, telling the children to run away from home and don’t leave a forwarding address!

Today, I’ve turned off (and disconnected) my stationary PC  and replaced it with a laptop. Don’t get me wrong, I still have it connected to an external monitor, but the speakers, and other devices that are concerned with the other PC are turned off, and have gone silent.

Deathly silent.

I’m pleased that this keyboard, one of those oldies with a cable, is not entirely new and tends to stick a bit when hitting the keys. It also makes small noises when I type on it, letting me know that I am still alive!

I’ve even synced my former Firefox browser with this one, allowing me to log-on to WordPress and G-mail, without having to write down passwords, and have the old PC turned on, while doing so.

I do miss it though. The hum of the cooling fan, and the buzz of the speakers were so familiar to me that I knew exactly when I had come to my one place in the house that was mine. All mine.

This laptop has a defective battery, which is a good thing for me. If I could take it everywhere and anywhere, then I might start to forget about the old PC, and how much fun we had together.

“Remember how many times, we had to change our Apple ID?” I’d be telling it. “And how many times, I regretted having made a 2-step recovery process?” There is just so many times that I want to remember my first childhood friend, or mother’s maiden name. Or was that for Microsoft ID? Those things tend to run together for me.

My wife has just entered my private sanctuary. “Listen” I told her. She listened a bit, but only made those funny, screwed-up “Wife Faces”, which told me to let her in on my little secret, before she started yelling about me being crazy and shaking her head again. I might just be the cause of her aches and pains due to the many times, she’s had to deal with my idiosyncrasies? That was beside the point.

She didn’t notice the silence. Not at all. When I showed her the laptop, etc., she just chose to ask about other things not related to my silent story, which she felt were more important and relevant?

Silence might be Golden, but only if she is doing the talking with me providing the silence!

I’ll stop this blog now, as I can see once again, that what I perceive to be important, is not what others can/will agree to.

It will be my private joke, and I can think about it from time to time, when we are doing those other, more important things, that make us a couple.

Don’t ask “a couple of what?”, or I might start talking about silence once again………


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