Wash Your Mouth Out with Soap!

I dislike calling myself a blogger. It doesn’t seem to get me anywhere to do so.

While at work, my colleagues ask, “So what do you do in your spare time?”

Answer: “Anything and everything other than writing blogs!”

“That’s good. Very sensible. Keep yourself away from blogging!”

What do they know that I don’t? I guess, I’ve just been living in some sort of Blog-Bubble, shielding me from the real world?

Who are bloggers anyway? Why do they use/waste time telling about themselves? Who would waste time reading that type of thing?

I wish, I knew the answer to at least one of those questions. I guess, I’ve been wasting my time for the last 1½ years in order to not tell others about it? All of my misconceptions about blogging seem to have come true, but something inside of me still wants to tell others about this and that.

I might as well concern myself with the real issues in this life, like “Why is it always cold in Québec in the Winter?”, or “What does my wife do that is so interesting that she doesn’t read any of my blogs?”

Maybe I should just write blogs, and let others post them instead? Then they would be the ones getting the boos and the thumb’s down, instead of me!

Food for thought, but then no one has ordered that on the menu, yet…..


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