“but I still couldn’t make up my mind, my wife or…”

pulling the trigger is easy, finding the bullets is something else, then he…

My foot, my arm and my left ear. Then she asked me what my favorite part of her was..

when she said, “Pole Dancing!” Was it horizontal, or vertigo, because I got dizzy, when..

“No I didn’t like the way he taped my mouth, but then he did warn me if I said that again.”

If she only had been particularly pretty, or had lived in Copenhagen, then I would have…

“No, my wife has never been to Viborg, but her mother warned her about that!”

he laughed when she said that Canada was cold, “Cold, you don’t know cold until you’ve been to Enid! Martians sucked me up once in California and took me to……”

“is not Down Under like everyone says, If you stand on your head, or on circumstance, then sing, “Walla, walla, Wallaby” then you might just find yourself near to…..”

No, she said she was the Ice Princess, but I wasn’t about to leave my senses in order to….

The gorilla said, “Uf” and the monkey laughed so hard that the banana shot from his hand, and…

wanted me to leave my wife and fly away to Far-Away-Istan where we could make beautiful Whoopee together, but I got lukewarm feet, while she balanced a peanut on her nose, and said….

No, I didn’t want the Martian Lady to take me to Enid, but then I was mesmerized, or bamboozled into thinking that she was the Queen of Denmark, and….

No, I don’t usually experience bananas shooting by my head, but once in Viborg….

“What I did, when she touched me there?” I said, “Baby take me to your lair, you vixen…..”

 “Pluie et grésil”, but that is what she always said, and in French, no less.