The Humidity of Closets in Denmark

I’m doing a bit of painting today. Freshening up two rooms in my house.

I usually start grouting, taping, then painting in my normal clothing, which then elicits a response from my wife, “Are you going to ruin more good clothes, instead of using your painting clothes?”

Dang. That’s right. My painting clothes. They usually reside in a closet, on the bottom shelf, or where I can find them anyway. They are special, not too pretty, and not very presentable clothing, for use in other situations, but are useful when painting.

Clothes closets in Denmark are though not conducive to the storage of such things due to humidity. Humidity makes clothing shrink terribly as witnessed, when I tried on my good old painting clothes today.

They, my pants, were different. Way different. They wouldn’t allow me to button the top button, nor the second or third button, without having to take a good, deep breath of air, and hope for better times! Well, they made it on me, suffering only momentary respiratory distress, but I’m hopeful that this fate hasn’t spread to the rest of my clothing as well?

Think of what might happen, if this trend spreads to other households, and yes, to other Countries! Bird Flu might have to take a back seat to this problem, which has worldwide consequences.

My wife doesn’t seem too concerned about this turn of events as she has experienced the same things happening with her clothes as well. I haven’t made a survey of possible, other victims, but she has assured me that this has and does occur in other households as well.

She has suggested that I merely put the clothing in question back in its rightful place, and wait for things to change back to normal again…..

But I shouldn’t hold my breath on that one happening too soon…….


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