One Less Blog to Read

Well, I’ve started deleting my blogs from 2016. Some of you will be wondering which of them are under the knife this time, but just wait and see if you have guess correctly!

There might just be some sort of lottery system here. You can place bets among yourselves, guessing which of my less-than-interesting-blogs are going to disappear, only to turn up on some other site, under an assumed name.

“And what name might that be?” The faithful few might be asking. Well, I don’t really have to tell you, with the site having an assumed name. That is the beauty of failing at blogging. I have 4 sites, with the last one not having 1 single hit as yet. Not one! Why don’t I do something about that?

  • delete the last blog site
  • write more interesting posts
  • advertise it better to gain readers
  • turn failure into success

Can you see, how wrong those ideas really are? All of them point to one thing only, making sure that there will be some sort of progression with site number 4. Either forward or backward! What if I prefer the state of Limbo? No that is not some half drunk party goer who is bending over backwards, trying to dip under a horizontal pole! No, this Limbo is a sort of non-state of affairs.

Did you see his site? No, what does it look like? I don’t know!

See the beauty of that? That is the most perfect way to fail, without involving the rest of my reading public, making them have to choose to like it, or not. I am actually saving the rest of you from having to attempt to please me by saying witty things, writing juicy comments, and sending me selfies of yourself in the bathroom mirror!

OK. I guess, I’ll be getting the usual hate-mail, when some people read about my deletion process. I really haven’t done that, but it sounded like a good thing to do on the rocky and twisting road towards failure!

I should really post this blog, then wait a bit before deleting it. Some of you will be thinking “I wish, I were him” showing that less blogging is the best way towards blogging failure, and I hope the success of that statement will be mine someday…..











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