New Attempt at Failure

I think, I’ve found a new and sneaky way to fail.

Let’s say, we divide up my followers into North and South, with the dividing line being the US-Canadian Border.

  1. All of those followers, at least those who claim publicly to be my followers, living, or propose to live south of the Canadian border, take one giant step backwards.
  2. All of those followers, at least those brave people who live in the cold north, and who consider themselves to be residents of Canada, not Alaska, which is not in Canada, take one giant step backwards as well.

If everything has gone as planned, you should be facing each other on either side of an imaginary, and yes, not visible line.

If some of you want to call it the line of scrimmage, then so be it, but its purpose is to confuse this already confusing blog, all the more.

If you Southerners, who still want to continue following this blog, would raise your right hand in the air, then….No your right hand. Not your Southpaw. and you Northerners, who still want to continue following this blog would raise your left hand….yes, it is called your Southpaw, but that is besides the point, then…

I don’t know, but I’ve lost the original intention of this blog, but don’t let that stop you from getting acquainted with one another. You might just learn that you have a lot in common, and can agree on the best way to un-follow my blog and follow each others as well.

Unless the only two people reading this is the Ice Princess from the Cold North and the Martian from the Warm South, then disregard this blog entirely.



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