It’s All Downhill from Here!

I’ve been on a certified high over the last few days, working on my ultimate low point. My father once told me that there was only one way to go, being all bankrupt and hounded by the IRS, and that was up! Well, I’ve taken that kind of thinking and modified it a bit to suit my needs.

I’ve been watching my statistics over the past few days, but have tried to keep a stiff lower lip, while charting my failure at writing blogs. I’ve decided to help things along a bit, as it (diminishing interest in my blogs) doesn’t seem to be moving as fast, as I had expected!

I would like all of my followers to consider the following questionnaire, which will determine their ability to continue to follow me, or fall by the wayside. Some of you might guess that I’m rooting for the latter instead of the former, but let us use the scientific method for determining the best course of action for us all.

Try to answer the following questions as truthfully as possible, and don’t let your biased opinions, (you know who you are), affect your answers!

  1. The last time I read one of his blogs was…….. (answers earlier than 2015 don’t count)
  2. The last time I liked any of his blogs was……
  3. The approximate date when I grew tired of him mentioning Canada?
  4. I stopped reading his blogs, when he removed the category, Love…(date when that happened)
  5. I have never told my friends about his blogs, otherwise they would laugh at me (y/n)
  6. I only want him for his body, and not for his writing (y/n/obviously insane)
  7. He never approved my comments and they were deleted as SPAM (y/n)

I could go on and on, but if any of you got stuck on question number 1, then the rest of this blog is redundant at best!

I see that I’d have to attract more attention in order to diminish interest in this blog, and that seems to be a bit on the counter-productive side, if you ask me?

I can’t even rely on not blogging anymore, because some people’s kids get bored from time to time (like someone in Canada) and would start re-reading all of my old blogs, as if it was allowed to do so! I guess, I’d have to delete all of my old blogs including this one, but some of you diehards out there, might just hang on in case that I resurrected the Category: Love once again, or made a new Category about Pinot Noir, or other fine beverages which, upon excess imbibing, can let the truth slip out, tout de suite! – oops. Pardon My French!

I’d try switching over to writing French if that helped, or perhaps Danish in order to lose more followers than I had originally expected to do.

I also hope to install my negative blog-counter and soon, or I might end up failing what I otherwise was good at doing in the first place!

….Confusing people…..




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