I can see now that my last blog containing a questionnaire was an insult to some people’s intelligence, and I apologize for that.

I’ve decided to simplify the process for this site, for those that have decided to like/not like/comment/not comment.

  1. Save your comments until the rush to “unlike” my blog is completely over. This is attained by me not releasing any blogs, which would then not necessarily be unliked by my readers.
  2. When/if a mail comes that I have indeed written a new blog. Simply ignore it. Some of you, who are a bit quick on the draw might be tempted to like a post, but that will only make me want to write less, and more uninteresting posts.
  3. Some of you might already consider my posts uninteresting, but continue to like them, due to a genetic flaw, or sudden Canadian Snowstorm which pummels the Midwestern USA with sub-freezing temperatures and snow to boot.
  4. If you are still reading this blog, after questions 1-3, then there is no hope for you whatsoever, as you’ll probably continue to like my blogs no matter what I say!

I stand corrected!


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