Blog One-Liners

She touched me there, and I said, “Baby, when you do that I…

“Yes, I admit shooting the Zebra, but I was aiming for the Ostrich, when….

I knew her, at least I thought so,  but when she pulled out that……

No. It wasn’t me who pulled the trigger, but the Gorilla made me do……

“I won’t put up with your cheating anymore, and left the house with a……

The last time, she touched me there, it was as if lightning had struck me. I pulled out my…

“No. The Gorilla didn’t speak, but you know how some animals have a way about them, and…

Do it to me again, Girl, before your husband returns! She turned to me and said…..

“No. It was the Ostrich who told the Monkey, “Gooble, Dooble, Dak”, and you….

and in pulling the trigger, she ended not only his life, but the stuffed bear as well….

“What do you mean, the Monkey wasn’t involved? I was there when he….

Pack of Cinnamon chewing gum and put it under my left shoe, when she said, “…

Slam of the door, and I didn’t see her in my neck of the woods again, but her sister…

“No. The Ostrich didn’t say anything, but knowing birds like I do, then it might just…

“I’m underaged, but that never stopped you before….

“Of course I don’t speak Ostrich, but when the Monkey put a banana to my forehead, then..


Author: notthedane56

Blogging seems to have changed other people's opinion about me. Never would they have thought that I would take such a step to reveal my innermost thoughts in that way, but then not everyone is strong enough to understand such brilliant madness?

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