Formula for Failure

I really should outline, how to fail at blog writing. Some of you might argue that the mere fact that this blog exists is a testimony to that failure, but let me finish the job by pounding the last nails in the coffin!

  • Do by trying. Otherwise, you will never know true failure
  • Don’t wait for others to fail before you. You’ll regret not being first.
  • Don’t tell others of your plans. It’s like saying, I’m quitting smokes.Ha Ha Ha
  • Take small failures in the beginning. No need to jump off that bridge just yet.
  • Make a category called, Love, then create and delete it every other day. Confusion helps!
  • Change the name of your site to something less catchy. No need for success here.
  • Set your sights low then hope for a total crash. I’ll be the first to watch the flames!

I could go on and on, but some of you might begin to see positive ways out of this quagmire! That is non-intentional, and I will disavow any knowledge of helping you out of your blog depression.

Remember, failing at blog writing might just be the kick in your pants needed to move on in life, not having to look back on your mounting successes, but rather cherishing your dismal failures!

You may quote me on your site, for non-inspiration in your quest!


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