Are You Thinking About Her Again?

That might just be what my wife might just ask me some day?

What is my answer? Yes. Oh Yes!

She was together with me on New Year’s Eve, and I think about her each and every day!

You see. I’ve promised you a blog about Love and Desire in my attempt to fail at that subject, just as wholeheartedly as everything else, I put my mind to!

There we were, together when the fireworks were exploding in the background, toasting to each other, as if we had waited our whole lives for that moment in time!

My dog was there as well. Waiting and hoping, as I was for a taste of……

What? Cheese!


My wife went crazy in the Cheese Department of the local store! She is obviously not one to keep me from, what truly matters in this life!

My wife, tempting me with someone else…..testing my love, or what?

Another successful failure at blog writing………………….


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