Feeling Cheated

Ever used one of these on Facebook?


Well I would, if it said what I was feeling!

If I go a bit deeper, then:


See how I could get myself into trouble? What if my wife, Yes she is one of my 13 friends, saw something like that? What would she say? I have a few ideas about that, but we’ll just put that on the back burner for now, OK?

Here they are:


Not a lot, but enough for me. Still, I feel cheated, not being able to feel cheated on Facebook!

Look here:

And We Have Snow…

Short and sweet, although a bit bitter, if you live where I do…

Then there is this person, who not only once but many times expounds on the wonderfulness of snow, ice and living in cold, cold Canada!

Some people’s kids!


And not only that, but once again:

reblogging other people’s snow


Then here again:


And again:


I feel that snow is greatly overrated, especially from those Canadians who feel that they have some sort of monopoly on the white stuff? We are even farther north than that rather largish Country as seen here:


I just typed in, “Canada” in Google Maps and it placed the marker somewhere in that rather large and “cold” Country? Still, we are in the upper latitudes, but do we have cold and snow here? No, and that is why

“I’m Feeling Cheated”

I’m here in (almost) sunny and (not exactly) warm Denmark. Snow, what snow? Wind, we got wind, and tomorrow more Wind and a few flurries (maybe, somewhere) and by the end of the week, then warmer temperatures again!

I’m feeling cheated!

Think about parents having to explain to their Children, “No, No snow again. If we lived in Canada, then you might stay home from school, or throw snowballs at your friends, but we don’t!”

That only makes Children want to be Canadians, or worse yet, hate Canadians, just because they live in Canada, where talking/bragging about snow is some sort of National pastime.

I won’t put another link on this blog, but that particular Canadian, has again touted snow on her blog today. It is just like rubbing snow in my open wound. I’m not only feeling cheated, but bitter as well!

My Goodness. This is starting to sound like Ben’s Bitter Blog……………….





5 thoughts on “Feeling Cheated

  1. Will swap you! We’re not supposed to get above -2 F windchill today…most of our snow is gone now! Yay! We had rain all day Christmas Day.


  2. The weather just won’t cooperate. Today it even snowed a bit. Enough to fill a teaspoon and throw it at your sister. If you have a sister, that is!


    • It’s nice that you are feeling “excited” about snow. Perhaps you should put that thought on your Facebook page and share it with your 13 friends like I would. If that is, there was something to be excited about…..


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