Every Cloud has a Bronze Lining

What? Silver, you say? Well, each to his/her own.

I’ve got a new idea for my blog. A negative following counter!

Another sure way to win by failing!

Here is how it works. WordPress provides me with a number of followers, let’s say 500. Then I will be doing my best to lose them within a certain period of time! Hey it works now, without even having 500 followers. Some of you would probably be a bit greedier and want to start with 1000, or more. I wouldn’t want to bite off more than I could chew. Let’s say your luck turned, and you started getting more followers? See what I mean?

I think we should concentrate more on failure than success. Think about it. How many times have you failed, as opposed to have won something? My lottery tickets are littering the floor of my office paying silent witness to my many failures!

Why worry about the woman that you couldn’t get? Everyone around you knew the truth of the matter, but didn’t want to hurt your feeling by telling you that she was way out of your league! Why strive for anything so great as a beautiful, witty, intelligent and charming woman? You are just kidding yourself if you think you have a chance with someone like that.

Get real!

Oh, and that cloud thing. Why don’t clouds have bronze linings? Why not Platinum? I’m more of a bronze type of bloke, leaving the silver and gold to the more worthy in this life.

Remember today’s motto: I’m a failure, and please don’t have pity for me, that is counter-productive!

It might not rhyme, but that might attract more followers if it did…..think about that….


2 thoughts on “Every Cloud has a Bronze Lining

  1. OMG, I am so sorry to see that your number is still going up… 204 as of today. I think you’ll have to start insulting your readers. 😉


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